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Diatech Diabetes is a medical device company based out of Memphis, TN committed to changing the way infusion set failure detection is done with our infusion set failure detection system, SmartFusion™.

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What are Infusion Set Failures?

Infusion set failures is something that every insulin pump user deals with.

If left untreated, failures can limit the functionality of automated insulin delivery systems resulting in poor control. We classify infusion failures as a delivery event that does not have the ability to deliver the full target volume within the expected time.

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Successful Infusion

A successful infusion has insulin being deposited into the subcutaneous layer where it gets absorbed into the bloodstream via the blood vessels in the tissue. Proper infusion performance gives you the highest chance at tight control.

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Failed Infusion

An infusion set failure or site failure can be as simple as a set getting disconnected by accident, an occlusion or cannula kink. For some people, site failures can be linked to scar tissue or lipohypertrophy which can result in poor absorption.

Why we need better detection

Currently, pumps can only detect occlusion failures that prevent the system from delivering insulin. If insulin is being delivered but not received by the user, it may never be detected by the pump's occlusion alarm. This is why kinks are discovered after removing the infusion set usually due to poor blood sugar control. Infusion set failures while common, can lead to hospitalizations or even death.

Of insulin pump users report experiencing infusion set failures

Of insulin pump users report experiencing infusion set failures

How long current systems take for detection of infusion malfunctions

Of insulin pump users say their insulin pump alert them of failure

What are the different types of failures?

A successful infusion has insulin being deposited into the subcutaneous layer where it gets absorbed into the bloodstream via the blood vessels in the tissue.

An infusion site leak can happen if the cannula has been improperly inserted or if the injection site has been damaged during normal use. A leak can happen when a child sweats causing the infusion site to become loose, resulting in an underdelivery of medication.

An infusion site blockage can happen if the cannula is injected into damaged skin tissue or kinks during a faulty insertion. Blockages may produce a build up of insulin that could release into the body resulting in an overdose of insulin.

An infusion site dislodgement is when the cannula comes loose/gets removed from the site of injection. Dislodgements cause the adhesive pad to unstick from the injection site and severely alter the integrity of the injected cannula.

Not all skin tissue is the same, and not everyone can tell if they are injecting into damaged skin tissue or a “bad site”. Lack of proper rotation can cause inflammation at the site and increase the likelihood of developing scar tissue.

What is SmartFusion™

SmartFusion™, is an algorithm designed specifically for insulin pumps to detect different types of infusion failures not currently detected by insulin pumps on the market such as: leaks, kinks/ partial occlusions, infusion into damaged sites, and dislodgements.

How it works

SmartFusion™ works by analyzing the data from your pump’s infusion mechanism to determine whether your infusion was successful or not.

We combine real time data analysis with machine learning to detect and characterize failures in real time. SmartFusion™ can also predict the likelihood of your site failing based on historical data and provides a user friendly Site Map™ which will help you pick your optimal infusion site.


Current systems rely mostly on blood sugar and insulin delivered to predict and manage your blood sugar.

If the infusion site is no longer absorbing properly or if the infusion set has been compromised, the algorithm cannot accurately predict blood sugar and maintain optimal control.

Because SmartFusion™ is based primarly on infusion data and tissue response, it can help you make decisions before you see a change in your blood sugar.

SmartFusion™ Will Improve Automated Insulin Delivery, Keeps you Safe All Day, and is Accessible Wherever You Go.

Our bolus tracker can integrate into your favorite app
and let you know of any issues.

Smart Alerts™ help you personalize your safety net.

SmartFusion™ also helps you keep track of problomatic site
with our Site Map™ feature.

SmartFusion™, will live on your insulin pump or on a connected device such as an iPhone or Android smartphone without the need for any additional hardware. Additionally, SmartFusion is compatible with many smart watches to keep you safe while on-the-go.